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We’ve created a uniquely structured, organized, and competitive golf tournament to help raise money to continue to support our mission of providing access to the game of golf for underprivileged youth. Our focus throughout this tournament is to provide networking and charitable opportunities for companies and organizations that want to help us accomplish our mission. We look forward to helping grow the game of golf and sharing our love for this game with as many people as possible.


CEC Logistics, The Current / Sherman Group, Pinkerton & Laws, Koyfman Dental, Joseph Largura, Backswing Golf Events and Cornerstone Vacations have all made an incredible impact on our tournament and our non-profit organization. Your dedication to our mission and vision has been truly inspiring, and we couldn't have done it without your help.


Your investment in our event has allowed us to continue to provide access to the game of golf for underserved children in the greater Orlando area. We deeply appreciate your commitment to our mission, and your support means the world to us.

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Ara Hagopian

“Such a fun event for a great cause (helping underprivileged kids gain access to golf). Can't wait for next year! Thank you to the great group of successful young adults for creating this awesome day! #thereunionclub #inspiring"

Justin Brockhaus Kann

"Really appreciate the invite to the tournament. You guys killed it. My buddy Eric has a big golf group and I can see the two of us bringing 10-15 guys to next years event. I'm glad it was a success."

Alex Reinicker

“I've got a list of 10-14 buddies that are already interested in playing in the tournament next year. This event turned out really awesome man.”
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